Missing You Already

by Amber   Jul 13, 2008

Your trip...
I know it will
Only be for three day's
But without you here,
I feel as though I'm in a daze.

The day you were to leave
I walked you out to the car
Knowing you will be
So far.

I kissed you good-bye,
And quickly turned away
So that you would not
See me cry.

That first night you were gone,
I suddenly felt all alone,
Wanting you to come home.

I set alone in our bedroom,
My heart dropped and
I quickly felt gloom.

I played a CD
of Gloria Estefan
And cried so hard
'Cause you were gone.

Waiting in anticipation
For your phone call,
I thought I was going
To climb the wall
Because I wanted you
Most of all.

Oh, baby! I miss
You so much,
And I long for your touch.

As I lay here
In our cozy bed all alone,
I cry out: "Please baby, please come home !"

Thinking of you arriving
at the airport in Savannah,
I turned on the t.v. only
To find myself watching that
dumb show "Hannah Montana"

I then went to bed
And cried myself to sleep
I cry once more, "please come home babe, because
I cannot stand to weep."

I found myself lying on your pillow
And happy to know that
You're my perfect fellow.

I prayed to God
That night for you to have a safe
"Cause baby I will
Always LOVE you
No matter if it's
Morning, noon or night.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by mandy

    What a very sad poem. Very beautifuly written. I felt the longing within your words. I also enjoyed the format you chose.

    The only things I suggest would be not to capitalize everytime you start a new line. It makes the poem seem choppy.

    Great write! Keep it up!


  • 11 years ago

    by music4pumpkins

    A very nice poem, so sweet. This person is lucky that you have found them, hopefully they know that. good luck.