Refuse to Admit

by I Seem to be the Heartless   Aug 29, 2008

It's 5 o'clock and the sun is up.
I listen to the birds singing;
Feel the heat of the sun already burning down.
I try to get up,
But I cannot leave your side.
You're still lying there, sleeping -
I cannot wake you.
Instead, I watch as you lay there,
Lost in your Dream World.
I wonder what it is
You're dreaming of;
Wonder if you dream about me.

Finally I move,
Getting ready to get up and leave,
And you turn and wrap your arms around me.
You smile and pull me closer.
"Good morning, Babe",
You whisper holding me tight.
How could I ever leave this?
How could I forget my times with you?
I snuggle up against you,
Savouring my finally minutes with you.
I refuse to believe
That what we have cannot be real;
Refuse to accept
That I am not the one;
I refuse to admit
That you're not for me;
Refuse to ever leave
What we share.

Copyright�©JosieWentzel29August 2008


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