Comments : Arteries Equal Sources of Inspiration

  • 14 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    "It can looks like we are lying,"
    `Looks should be look?

    Interesting write. Very unique. I kind of interpreted it a different way I'm sure. I thought that you were trying to use veins and connect the flow of blood throughout the veins to writing and how that is similar?
    I guess this poem could have been a big metaphor right..? Interesting, you definatly got me thinking. Thanks for sharing. 5/5.

  • 14 years ago

    by Melpomene

    Although I nominated this for the weekly contest I didn't get the chance to actually leave a comment, so here I am now. Hopefully late is better then never.

    The meaning behind this piece is quite clear to the audience. As I was reading I picked up on the meaning straight away but was still dragged in by the depth of the meaning. It really caught my attention due to the truth I believe was wandering within each line. The first line really was interesting. It held something that alot of poetry doesn't, a real begining.

    "Veins are inkpots,
    writers do not write, they bleed across the papers"

    The lines above were of course my favorites. I really can't explain this but whilst I was reading the piece I felt a calm sensation wash over my atmosphere. It was as though you painted a tranquil enviroment even though the words you used weren't necessarily calm they were some what dark which to me represents the emotions a writer does feel.

    What more can I possibly say about this piece, rather then I adored it and found it to be really interesting. I don't know why but the title wasn't that interesting for me but something made me read this poem and i'm glad of that. Well done. Another amazing write from you.


  • 14 years ago

    by Lonely Rider

    This such a dark and deep write... so wonderfully penned...

    Veins are inkpots,
    writers do not write, they bleed across the papers.

    ^^ the starting is so captivating... it makes you to read on... very unique imagery you have described here... i interpreted the blood as our views, our emotions that take the form of words on paper...

    but we only present our wounds.
    We do not create. We die.

    ^^ this is indeed very dark...
    this write is so diffrent in its own way...
    the way you have picturised and penned your views ...

    excellent write indeed ...
    keep writing..

  • 13 years ago

    by mier

    I cannot define how awed and blown away I was after reading this incredibly written poem. The impact of this poem just made me go wide-eyed and speechless. How do you do that? I love you intertwine the words together to create such a beautifully imaginative image, with a tinge of melancholia.

    "Veins are inkpots,"

    Your words bring me places where I thought ceases to exist. It's only when I read them that I realize what a meaningful impact it has on me.

    "writers do not write, they bleed across the papers"

    and when you added these lines to it, they left such a deep impact on me, leaving me to muse over it long after reading it. There is just something mysterious in the way you write, how you deliver a subject or emotion that is thoughtful yet subtly haunting.

    I really look forward to reading more from you.