Comments : The Tide Crashes In and I Miss Her More Than Ever

  • 11 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    Something told me, as I was laying in my bed studying for a test tomorrow, that there was something I needed to do on the computer.

    I stopped. I went down stairs, and I logged on here. I didn't do anything yet, click any buttons...I opened a new tab and played a song on youtube.

    After I got it to play, and the sound just perfectly right. I began to...explore around a bit. Hitting up the discussion boards. Seeing a post from you. Made me heart feel, different than what it has lately.

    Than I posted "hi" and checked to see who was online; no one. I saw a new poem from you, and I just had to go read it.

    I'm addicted to your poetry as is anyways. So, I just knew I'd like it.

    The title caught my attention even more. But, before I started reading I noticed that I was freezing. Our heat broke. So ... we have no warmth aside from the million layers of clothes we put on.

    I started reading.

    Reading through each stanza, I got warmer and warmer.

    At the end, I froze. Completely.

    I almost started to cry. But, as mentioned in the poem, I held those babies back.

    Amber, the poem was fabulous. Everything was on point. I loved the way you explained it. The imagery was fantastic, and I could actually picture everything in my head like a slide show.

    I miss you.
    I love you.