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It's been too long. This used to be my life. The girls I used to talk with every day, gone and living their own, doing their own. Having kids, getting married. College. Everything. I miss it. C.O.N.T.A.C.T info: Facebook: Live Laugh & Love

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Latest Poems By BornAgainWriter

  • I saw this pretty red rose today at the park on...
    The city lights were shining pretty damn bright...

  • Scattered shades of Autumn surround me everywhere...
    My heart gets lighter as the sun begins to fade...

  • The lights fade like the sweet sunset,
    I gain my confidence and walk out...

  • My eyes grow bigger than I've ever seen before,
    Hit; Slapped in the face by my own mistakes...

  • Thoughts of pulling the moon closer to me,
    So that I can blind myself instead of seeing...