My death from internal bleeding

by Mandy Grace   Dec 11, 2008

If i could rewind my life i would edit you out of my tragic little tale, like an eraser to a page filled with scribbled hearts and "i love your's" your name standing out like blood on a white shirt, my eyes are attracted to like a moth to a flame.
whispered words and your soft touches, i remember it all and tears seldom come. my heart feels like its being punctured, ripped open, like my ribs are closing in, tearing the soft flesh and causing my slow death.
you see me smiling, but deep inside you'd find something different if you ever bothered to look.
black and bloody butterflies flutter around my pale cheeks sending me kisses that feel like small soap bubbles popping on my skin leaving a sweet taste on my lips and as the wind picks up i see from where i lie, the tree tops swaying and the blue and orange sky glowing like a night light.
good bye to all that i loved once, goodbye to a best friend. i bid my farewells and i cry till the very end.


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