Story of a boy and a girl

by jESSiCA   Dec 20, 2008

There once was a boy and a girl
who met one summer
they talked day after day
until they had nothing to say
who would have knew
that these two
could have some kind of connection
that soon turned to great passion affection
he loved her like nothing before
and wanted nothing more
except as time when on
things started to change
they both felt a little strange
she felt his passion was dying
and she couldn't stop crying
he was just different
he wasn't the same
but who was this to blame
the girl who messed up
or the boy Saying a mean word after word
all she wanted was to be heard
she wanted things to git better
and yes she did try
telling him sorry and beginning to cry

not finished yet sorry.. ill continue later


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  • 15 years ago

    by Mask of Pain

    Wow i love it so far. Come on the good work.