Squishy Dino

by Curing the Comon Cliche   Dec 26, 2008

Here I stand
Looking you
Looking back
At me
And we just fall

You're my best friend
You're my
My Gabrielle
I look at you and suddenly

I stand
Step out of the lines
Between life
And living
That I've been trapped in
By not forgiving

You forgave me first

You're my princess
If that made you cry
Or roll those big blue eyes
I'm sorry

Chin up darling
You're so much better
So much better
So much better than all of this
Better than anything really
A poem that doesn't rhyme

I tell you what
I'll write you another
And another
And one more
Till the clock stops ticking
We'll get some batteries
And write one more

I love you Gabrielle
You're my best friend in this world
We're close enough to feel that love
Close enough,
That's a thought

I love you squishy dino
You're my best friend in this world
You make me happy when skies are grey
And you will ALWAYS be my girl


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