Comments : A Letter By Candlelight.

  • 11 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    There is a sweet vanilla aroma encircling my room and I miss you. After many failed attempts at starting this letter, I decided on "Hello love of mine..." I took my time writing every individual letter with a little extra love. I recall telling you, time spent on you will never be considered time wasted for me.

    *Nice way to intrigue the readers Amber. With this, you have definately caught my attention.

    I would of kissed your sweet lips gently and smiled a smile I know you would love. Instead, I wrote it by candlelight then tucked it away for another day.

    *The thought is similar to something I've always wanted to say. But I could never find the words to describe it. Great! Nicely done.

    I smile and look at our picture hanging on the wall, the flicker of the candle flame adds a beautiful effect. And I've realized just how proud I am.

    *Continue being proud! :) I like the word flicker btw. It's nice you were able to use it in a way that it would sound sooooooooo right.

    I blow the candle out and whisper goodnight to the telephone.

    *Reminds me... of a lot. I can relate.

    Another poem that has completely knocked me off my own two feet.