Comments : Sloppy with words(rant)

  • 9 years ago

    by Rocky

    I really liked this poem especially
    "I hate how you have to make a poem almost not just that
    before someone will even take one quick look at it
    I don't even know why you write your words in such vigorous ways
    You're just the flavor of the month, and tomorrow their be another fave"
    i so agree with that. i hate how nearly everyone feels they have to write in a certain structure or rhyme. i no longer bother to read any poem with 4 lines per stanza . its just so usual i have found it boring. anyway i really liked this poem

  • 9 years ago

    by Amaranthine

    You know what ticks me off? When people critisize good poetry. I don't judge poetry that much because it always means something to someone. No one gets it. They get on to us for how its written like the structure, etc. Its ok for people to critique it but really that should only happen when your asking for it. I like to keep it open with my comments and people can really right whatever they want because everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But no one understands that theres more than there own opinion. One of my friends always tells the othter how i have crappy poetry while the other one says its amazing. It just depends on my mood and what i want to rant about ( lol like now) But you know what ...thats ok because I write it for me to vent not them. Sometiems ill write poetry to see into the other persons mind but hey...hopefully it means something to someone.

    Thankyou for writing this because I totally agree!

    -Angela...again :P