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i have been thinking about what made me first want to write poetry. and i have realised it wasnt poems nor poets. i hate shakespear, think tennysons a bore and even poe dosnt really impress me. with only a hanfull of odd exceptions i have never really liked any traditional poem before. so i have now begun to realise that what first influenced me to write and the style i write in is the music i listen 2. which is mainly metal and hard rock . some of the lyrics to those songs are just so emotional, so heart breakingly beautiful that they have made me want to cry and i guess i wanted to be able to write stuff as emotional as i admired. now i realise my poems arent exactly lyrical
because i have never giving a damn to match them to instruments. but never the less it is why i think i have always written my poems to be read aloud. and it is also why i always break the sentences up into 2 or 3 lines, because being meant to be read aloud i usually accentuate or give a half pause after the last sylable in a line to give them a certain rythm. i guess it also makes my poems a little hard for other people to read as they dont know the rythm i use. but i think if you read them 2 or 3 times aloud you will get a general idea

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