My happiness .

by PoeticalHeartless   Sep 11, 2009

9O9O9 12: O1M
Came home with a smile on my face and it was because of you . I can't find any words to describe how amazing you are to me . And how when i'm with you i never wanna leave . Tonight was a night i could never forget . Every second when i was with you ; i was smiling and when your lips were pressed against mine it was beautiful i already told him many times before how i don't want him to leave . Because every since he walked into my life I've been very happy and happiness is something i haven't felt for a long time ; but just being with him and staring into his eyes . He's beautiful in every way and i wouldn't wanna change anything about him ; he's the only person who i would actually let play with my hair and the only person i look at when i talk to him . I wish i could have woken up besides him . With all the problems in my life when i look into his eyes everything disappears and in my eyes he's the only person there . He just makes things so perfect ; and even when i do stupid shit to make him smile its worth it because when he smiles it makes me even happier . But enough about my papiShMiLESx lets get down to the rest of my life i wrote poetry to vent all my pain in a different way ; other than making my body feel the pain and this wasn't a game . This was the real deal all my life i was looking for happiness and i found it ; i found it inside my papiShMiLESx so i don't need poetry anymore to vent . Because he's my new paper and pen . .


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