Comments : The Emotions Of Love

  • 8 years ago

    by A lonely soul

    Really beautiful, maybe simple but so well written. This stanza really makes you fly in the clouds:

    I want love.
    The feeling you get when your stomach races with butterflies.
    Your knees get weak.
    Your heart skips a beat.
    thump, thump,
    ..... thump.

    And the feeling of totally being in and friendship...and giving it your it not amazing:

    I want friendship.
    Knowing that someone always has my back.
    Supports me no matter what.

    And last but not least important the fulfillment...the passion...the desire...the feeling of fulfillment in no less than the very definition of love itself.

    I want passion.
    My body filled with emotion.
    Eyes filled with lust.

    Yes you are definitely a passionate artist, in the art of poetry.