My puzzled mind

by Baybeeh   Jan 21, 2010

We lasted 6 short months
We were just 'two different people'
When can we be together again
And make our love a sequal

Our lips pressed hard together
I felt you looking at me,
The lights were out
but your silloette I'd see

I know you felt something
When we layed as one
Was it something that you wanted
Or something just for fun

She's not right for you
As anyone can tell
I could be the girl for you
To keep you warm and well

We were the perfect couple
So many people said we were
Don't let us go
Not for someone like her

I can't wait around for you
For forever and a day
We with me, kiss me, love me
Like you did yesterday

We were like jelly beans
We stuck together
Add some glue
And we're in it forever

I can offer you more than
She could ever do
I won't let you down
I would never argue

It kills me to know
We had our special night
For you and I
I'll always fight

How did she
Sweep you off your feet
You and I fell inlove
Before we had the chance to meet

Anyone can see
There's something special in us
Im not like her
I don't need the lust

I have ached for and with you
For almost 3 years
In my dreams
You whisper I love you in my ears

I turn around and your not there
But I know it was your voice
With love between us
There's just no time to make your choice

I can love you
More than she could
I long for you
More than she would

She jumps from guy to guy
To keep herself feeling cared for
I don't need boys to give me love
I need your love. We shared far more

I'll wait for you
To see what you want for yourself
But I won't sit still forever
Im not a book on a shelf.

We broke up cause you claimed I was moody and emotional
And you date her.
Who is everything you said I was.


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