Cliche of Lost Love

by BitterXSweetness   Mar 15, 2010

Nobody knows
the tears that I cry
I put on a smile
While inside I die

Every morning
I paint on that face
While inside each second
I know I've fallen from grace

My arms are thrown
My head up high
I say my plea
please let me die

I've killed them
no longer are we here
Gone and so simple
inyet nothings clear

Hearts together as 1
now ripped into 2
No more love
He's not with you

Does it hurt?
Wanna go back?
To late for that now,
Forever you will always lack

Look what came true
no not your wish but fear
Nothing can change this
So stop all those tears

Times starts to pass
and your hope starts to fade
You think to yourself
wondering, was this a good trade?

I found this in my room when I was cleaning the other day. I 4got that I even wrote this it was when I broke up w/ my boyfriend. lol I think it's kinda funny now though.

(C) Scarlet Razor


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