The Lioness

by InterviewWithTheKat   Mar 22, 2010

Oh lioness,
Valiant and brave
Steadfast and constant,
As the rise and fall of the sun
Of which there is one
The condescending, prude, beautiful sun

As beautiful as her yellow fur.
Her pride.
As beautiful as her
The cynosure.

For my lacking of you
I mourn; my lioness
My bereavement surpassing all
Surpassing love and fear.

You’re not here
So you cannot be there

The quixotic cubs about your feet
Are effervescent
Cradled in pool of your motherly love

Oh, but they feel
That their life is ideal
Like a fountain in the park
A soaring lark
Like a willow weeping.

But thus for thee
And your ambiguity
In your care for me

I feel a gentle kinship

You may be no mother of mine
And I dare not love
Oh valiant, beautiful lioness.

I think I’d feel
Less pain
Safe from the rain under your wing.

But the sun sets again
Constant and unthinking
On another bright red day

And until I break away
From the malevolent force
Binding my arms from your embrace

Know that I mourn your absence
And feel sorrow.
So let me forget today
Until tomorrow.


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