Shes Always There

by Nikoshiana   May 12, 2010

Who put the warmth inside your heart
From the sparkle in her eye?
Who brightened each day like the sunshine
And was there if ever you cried?

Who showed you rainbows and sunsets
And pushed you high on the swings?
Who tended your knees when you grazed them
And taught you the songs you can sing?

Who held your hand when you were frightened
And pulled up your socks that were short?
Who taught you all about Santa
And all of the toys that he brought?

Who tucked you in with a cuddle
And styled your hair every day?
Who made the tooth fairy visit
With her own magical way?

Who still stands beside you
Guiding you, keeping you strong?
Who is the presence you feel drawing near
When everything seems to be going wrong?

What is the touch that you feel?
When you feel something brush by your hair?
Be it in spirit alone -
Draw comfort in knowing shes there.

Like a caterpillar turns to a butterfly
And flies free with her beautiful heart,
She encircles you and surrounds you
As every new days starts.

Who is the person we speak of
That surrounds your soul like the sun?
The one true confort in all the world
The one that you call Mum.

And although in body shes not here
You can be sure in spirit she stays....
Like an angel with wings around you
Loving you every day.


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