Dreaming again.

by nell   May 14, 2010

To me you are the same, the only you i see
stuck in a daydream where your here with me
your more than just a memory to the mind
more then words on a paper lined
the realization just hit me like a freight train
its like i'm standing alone in the rain
every place, every light, every song i see your face
time only moves so fast, at its own pace
id give anything to hold you one last time
its funny how life can change on a dime
not a second goes by that i don't wish to be by your side
but i guess those wishes are washed away with the tide
i wait untill the day where one of two things happen
you realize where you belong or you become just a faint memory.
now im dreaming again about the past
because i know the present will not last
and soon fate will intervene and step in
taking our lives and having them intertwine


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