Teenage Love

by InvisibleHourglass   Sep 5, 2010

"I know,
we're young,
and I know,
this is nearly impossible,
but I really and honestly
do love you.
I sound like every teenage guy
but I mean it."

God I love that you mean it.

Sneaking away to your room
but we can never get very far
cuddling on the couch
you kissing my cheek
and whispering in my ear
we're watching a movie
and I glance at you to see
that really you're just watching me.
Holding hands
and letting you touch every part of me
while I hold absolutely still
because you're looking for my ticklish parts.
and having you text my phone
the moment I'm gone
running outside the minute it rains
and talking and kissing while it pours
climbing trees
and kisssing in the branches
drinking tea in coffeeshops
and taking pictures at the mall
spending time with our families
grown ups drinking wine
brothers playing games
us left to do as we please.
Swimming in the pool
my legs wrapped around you
as you hold me in water too deep
for me to stand
While I'm kissing you.
You tracing your fingers on my neck
because you know that gives me goosebumps.
Talking to you about serious things
and comforting you about the bad.
Tracing my fingers on your chest
and falling asleep together.
Sitting outside holding hands.
These are things I want to have
as long as I possibly can.

Teenage love isn't stupid
isn't bad
it's strong and sweet
more pure than most things
most people have.


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