Yesteryear or yesterday?!

by silent turbulence   Sep 15, 2010

A year come, a year gone
Like the fading sound of our song
The songs we sang; though out of tune
Got lost in time; way too soon

A memory lingers at every place,
Echoes of laughter, from the good ol' days
Some still so fresh; as if just yesterday
You had me swept off my feet and whisked away

Should we have given us another chance?
Or at least saved us 'till the last dance?
Because it all seemed so wrong, when you kissed me goodbye,
With a half smile on your face and a tear in your eye

A year gone by; the happiness turned to gloom,
Standing back faced, familiar strangers in a room
Lost in the cloud of betrayal and doubt
Welcomed with open arms and then abruptly shut out

Wiser by a year, strengthened by fate
Lost in love, yet determined to not be outnumbered by hate

You did all you had to and fate played its part
As I let go of my closely guarded heart
But now I hold no grudge, no anger, no love
I have let it all go and risen above

Days will turn into nights and time will quickly pass
But I will never forget the memory of our imperfect past
For good or bad, it's all we got
Out of the perfection we perpetually sought

Even when I'm old and a hundred and two
I'll remember every little nuance of you
I'll remember you and all you used to say
And exactly how you used to be, I'll remember you that way


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  • 9 years ago

    by No1ButMe

    I really liked this. I could relate a lot I was with a guy and we broke up on our year annivsary. I was in love with him and I'm doing my best to move on. It sucks, but you'll fall in love again. good work. 5/5