1n a da million

by JMH OWNS   Dec 13, 2010

Baby, I want to love you for a life time.
I want to tell the whole wide world, that this beautiful girl is mine.
Baby, your love is stunning, and that beauty out shines all the ladies in line.
And I will be the one to take away all your fears, when you�re standing beside your lion.
Yeah girl, your love is one in a million, so precious like a diamond.
And at night you�re the brightest star, and all I can see is you.
Yeah, finding a girl like you, has been, long over due.
So please be true, �cause if you break this heart of mine, it will break apart.
And you know what, I betca if I kiss you, I will lose my soul.
I will become your puppet, be all under your control.
Girl, you�re my heart, my soul, the air I breathe, you�re my everything.
You�re my wings, the girl I will bring flowers to, and all because you make me feel like a king.
Yeah, you�re one in a million.


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