The GOD In Me

by Shamia   May 18, 2011

I am weak.
The GOD in me is strong.
I often times like to give up.
The GOD in me presses on.
I can be patient, when it's convenient for me.
The GOD in me knows nothing good comes from being in a hurry.
I condemn myself when I've slipped and fell.
The GOD in me knows getting back up on this journey is how to prevail.
When tempted, it's hard not to give in.
The GOD in me knows over coming temptation builds character, although it starts in the mind, carrying out the action is the sin.
I sometimes forget just how high the price was that Jesus paid.
The GOD in me is a daily reminder of the importance of Jesus's suffering days.
Sometimes I just want to do what's best for me.
The GOD in me knows that what I think is best for me, does not always advance his kingdom in eternity.
Relying on my own strength is setting myself up to fail.
The GOD in me knows my own strength places my feet on the wide road to hell.
I have a natural instinct to be upset & bitter during bad times.
The GOD in me knows during adversity is when it's most important to worship & keep the eternal gifts on my mind.
There are times when I'm hurt & have secrets I dont want to reveal.
The GOD in me knows confessing to GOD and other christian friends is the first step in order to receive help so I can heal.
I tell myself it's not always so important to study GOD'S word.
The GOD in me knows deception is the trick of Satan, and it's impossible to defeat him without my sword.
Like fruit that is not yet ripe, I have a long ways to go.
The GOD in me continues to nurture me and every day I have an opportunity to watch the seeds he's planted, grow.
I was once a sinner, I may or may not be just like you but the GOD that loved me enough to live in my body, would love to live in your body too.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Rusheena

    Wow! Even though I know all of this, it's really good to hear it from a sister or brother, and I really needed to see this, today. I love that you're sincere and not afraid to tell the truth. The God in you is thriving well, and I pray that I allow Him do the same in me, soon:)