Country boy

by Milton Toran   May 19, 2011

I'm a country boy,
as country as can be;
i'm barefoot when i go to church,
don't give a hoot 'bout society!

i sleep naked in the back yard,
go skinny dippin' in the lake;
when i use the outhouse,
the ground's gonna quake!

i eat with both hands,
possum, squirrel, an' coon;
cook 'em on an open fire,
an' use my fingers as a spoon!

bouncin' rocks off turtle shells,
sippin' moonshine from a jug;
sweet as a store bought teddy bear,
it's okay to give me a hug!

i love my thermal underwear,
they're red, with a cute lil' flap;
i'll curl up in the chicken coop,
for a long afternoon nap!

i ain't much for fightin'
but i don't take no crap;
if you push me in a corner,
get ready for a scrap!

forget that bottled water,
i'm drinkin' from a well;
next time you're in the country,
stop and visit for a spell!


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  • 8 years ago

    by Abdullah

    I love this poem!
    great work!

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