My love for

by melissa   Jun 11, 2011

When i was sat
On the bus that day
I had no idea
That love was coming my way

I looked into your eyes
As you smiled at me
The feelings i had
They felt so true, so free

People say you find love
In the strangest of place's
Never did i know
How true this could be

The first text message from you
My tummy flipped inside
It was only a text
Just saying 'hi'

The day that we said
We loved eachother
I knew from that day
There would be no other

My love for you
Grows more and more each day
The time we've spent together
I'll cherish forever

This is a poem
Just for you
To tell you how much
That i love you

You're my heart, my soul mate
My shining star
Forever you have left
Footprints on my heart.

I'll love you forever
Until my dying day
Simon you're amazing
In every kind of way



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