by SweetRain   Dec 11, 2011

Hurt and afraid as I was,
Guess haven't fully recovered from the past.
Still, I had kept on trying 'though I was unsure
Coz I thought that it was the only cure
To find someone who would get me off from despair,
But then later I would realize that it is truly unfair.

Getting tired, so I decided to give it a rest
And to wait for the moment is what I thought is best
Then there comes this someone who I don't trust at all
Not knowing him, I guarded myself with a wall
Since it's been hard for me to trust all over again
I never thought that there will be a love story that's about to begin.

As days passed, I was not really noticing,
That my heart's at joy and my mind's not protesting,
I would not want to just let the day go by,
Not talking to you or just hear you say Hi
Just then I realized, what you are becoming to me
Without much of your efforts, you have set my heart free.

Nobody knows what lies ahead for you and me,
But I'll be willing to give you the best of what's left of me
You think that you may have not done anything yet
You already made my heart skipped a beat, you bet
Now baby, I want to make everything a reality and all,
Coz I've been too much in the fantasy world I recall.

And now here I am with the thoughts of you in my head,
So thankful of the past, to you I was led
I surely won't deny that love is starting to sprout
And that I have managed to trust you even if I was still in doubt.
Yes, maybe you're not the one I was wishing for,
But certainly God knew so well what I have been praying for.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    Wow I just made this a favorite poem it may be long and notquite good flow but I don't think I'd change a thing it's beautiful and I can relate in almost every way a delightful read and gave my heart wings I loved this poem keep up the good work