Comments : It's All in the Way (Cascade)

  • 10 years ago

    by Chelsey

    Aha! You were my competition! ! I figured you wrote one of the beautiful love poems...

    I found a cascade really really challenging but loved how they came out and this was so beautiful!! Lines that repeat in certain forms are so hard because they have to make sense every time you use them, your whole stanza is prepared around the one line, and you chose amazing lines to make this like a literal waterfall, my eyes willingly fell from stanza to stanza.

    Congrats again on the win!

  • 10 years ago

    by Britt


    HAHAHHA, I just have to say, when I originally read the title tonight, I read it as "it's in all the way" and I started busting up laughing, hahahaha. I still can't stop, as it was just so dang funny to me. Then I realized the real title and was a little disappointed - I have a new challenge for you! lmao.

    Another form that I think is one of the hardest to pull off and again.. you rocked it! I think a Cascade is so hard with the repetition, you have to have just the right words that piece together, and you clearly do here.

    I love how you use so many different seasons to make you get your point across with all the differences - such beautiful symbolism here.

    "Life unravels its knotted strings,
    untouched by rainbows, painted thick
    with fading flowers and violins and
    it's all in the way you look at me"

    This is my favorite stanza I do believe... I like the "with fading flowers and violins and"... it made me feel the excitement of a first love, or when the one you're with looks at you in this special way and makes butterflies dance in your belly and laughter erupt in your eyes. This is such a beautiful poem!

  • 10 years ago

    by Melpomene


    Honestly, I tried to write one of these poems for the challenge, I think I attempted ALL forms possible until I found one I actually COULD get right and this cascade thingy bothered me a lot, I'm coming to Canada just so you can teach me how to write one.

    Again well done on winning this challenge, you know how to write poetry forms in a traditional and beautiful way with images that are more modern, it's something I really find beautiful in your work but you know what, it's in your personality. You are a mixture of antique and modern and no I am not calling you old lol Antique is delicate, unique in my mind but with a history. You have such a wonderful history.

    I loved the idea of life unraveling in knotted strings, isn't it true though, the little links in the knots representing some part of life, a memory and the past.

    "untouched by rainbows, painted thick
    with fading flowers and violins"

    I also thought this was interesting because it was a contrast of beauty and darkness. Flowers, and rainbows, but fading and thick are such sad words and violins symbolize misery. I read this poem when it was posted for the contest and I was like damn it!

    Wonderful poem Momma bear