The intercourse of us

by lost and incomplete   Jun 7, 2012

Soften the lights and step back to the scene of the crime
Red and violet the passion overiding
The euphoria
Of being close
Lips touch songs break
Interlude of noises
Drowned out by the heart
Gossamer threads enwrap us both clinging sweating fumbling
Arching caressing no longer on but two
The simple little things we do each day
The agony of not knowing the suspense of will it
The incandescent colours displayed in the darkened landscape of leyelids
Bloom and contort to a fever of wanting the
Incredible longing for
There's no pain , agony
Just this constant knowing
The inability to ask
The aching to be touched the longing for your caress
How long do I wait how long can I hold
The memories kept me going
Now the need is growing
Is it me am I not good enough
The vulture thoughts circle the love and happiness
And you smile and all is bought to the surface
Tell him
But no that never worked
The violent explosion of emotion that seared
And spat the hurt and ache the incredible knowledge that you think you know
The retraction of what is near and close
Nothing Hun
The wind so cold so warm so violent so soft
Hold me one more time make me feel alive
Come back to me
Come back
Return be young be energised
What is this without passion ?


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