We Will Weather This Storm

by Krista   Sep 3, 2012

Remind me of those old stars

you gaze upon in moonlit skies,

those memories we keep tucked

away in dusty photo albums.

I've forgotten what our love is.

All I know now is loneliness.

Now we're just a game of

back and forth,

back and forth,

back and forth

until our voices are gone and

our dignity is shattered

into a thousand pieces,

scattered across the kitchen floor.

I hate how broken we've become.

The feathers in my wings are growing thin,

only keeping me a few feet off the ground.

The safety of the clouds was once a comfort,

the warmth of your soul keeping my own


But now all we are is two twisted hearts and minds.

And don't give me those lies about how you've lost sight,

you can't find a way through these dark hallways

and never ending mazes of bitter, dejected promises

of a new love waiting just around the corner.

We're weary and tired from stumbling down this windy road,

but we will make it through,




We will weather this storm.


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