Scared to love again

by Jessica   May 10, 2013

Love doesn't come easy,
We all know its true.
But when someone says they care,
You can be hopeful.

I guess I'm a little broken,
Leads me to be open.
The brick wall is finally down,
The one I used to keep you around.

Now I'm losing my faith,
And no I can't be hopeful.
When all I have is a heart,
That needs you not to part.

Can't you understand,
I have been through more than you think.
Been sitting at the bottom of the ocean,
Trying not to sink.

I can't look back,
I can't look forward.
My feat are planted on the ground today,
And that's the way it will stay.

I need someone to hold me,
Through the long nights.
I'm getting tired of being alone,
When I need you the most.

I'm holding on to the hope,
Of finding someone who accepts me.
I want someone to hold my hand,
Someone who can understand.

When I think I like someone,
I ruin it because I'm scared.
I don't want to get hurt,
Because there's already feelings there.

I'm running around in circles,
Trying to find who I am.
Sometimes in life,
You just have to hold your own hand.


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