Comments : If I Could

  • 9 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    Kiss the hands that knows of heartache,
    Who's conquered fears of storm and rain,
    Who shares herself when need is present,
    Without expecting any gain,

    To me more precious than are diamonds,
    Exceeds the worth of all life's crowns,
    A testament to love forever,
    And one I accidently found.

    ^^The whole write is simply beautifully and heartfelt yet these last two verses just stand out for me. It shows that the writer admires such a woman and considers her in high esteem which makes him conquer any problems along the way.

    Love works both ways giving each other strength not knowing that they posses such power over each other :) Not sure if that made any sense to you!

    All in all I liked it :)