Comments : Destined

  • 6 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Reminds me of the conversation in M&M of destiny! Such depth here and I really like the format as well, it's unique and seems like your style. All throughout I was thinking how genuine, honest, and captivating poem this poem is.... it shows your fight for love.

    Beautiful opening lines, never would have thought of patience as being antique.. brings me into the thought that we must endure, we cannot forget how patience is a virtue and even though it seems out of place, it will guide us.
    Also like your voice in this... how strong and willing it is and the maturity/truth that you may see things differently than your love, but that it's alright. It will draw you closer.

    Glad to read this new one :]

  • 6 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Wow this poem gave me chills. It's so good. When I read it I think about love as a whole and I think you pinpointed what you think it means. I am going to go to the end first. When you say that separately you love yourself or believe in yourself. That in.itsrlf is very difficult to achieve. Then you say that together you and this other person can truly love. It's just amazing to me how much love can hinder or help grow a person. Although each day is different than the last, I think what you are saying that your love will stay the same no matter what you go through. Now back to the beginning when you say that patience is antique. I agree that people nowadays are impatient sadly but it's great thst you can see through the mistakes. Thats what keeps love strong. Overall this is one of the best love poems I have ever read. Great job!!