Tangled headphones.

by babblingxbrooke   Dec 14, 2013

When I think of emotions I think of tangled headphones.

The night before, you untied the knots in the chord and tossed them in your bag. The next day you take them out and all seems well.

You embrace the music. You relate to the lyrics, feeling a sense of relief that you're not the only one who has felt this way. You essentially relieve the pain, wash away the sadness or overpower the anger.

You unplug your headphones, stick them in your pocket and reality stuns you like a sour note. No one is whispering in your ear all of the things that you feel. Once again you're alone and confused. You go back to thinking about the pain, the sadness or the anger. You pull out your once tangle-free headphones and witness a jumbled mess in the palm of your hands. It may seem so little, but it's a struggle. It takes time to unravel.

It takes time to unravel a chord.
And it takes time to realize what you deserve.
And it takes time to let go of the emotions you've held onto for so long.

How did my headphones get so tangled?
Why did I let that happen?

Because now I have to take the time to unknot them before I can escape again. You would think you would remember not to place them in your pocket again. So they wouldn't get tangled again. And you would think that after realizing what you deserve, the emotions would leave you alone once and for all.

But you were wrong. Again.


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