What is my might?

by MRIDULA BUDHRAJA   Mar 12, 2014

Staring at the stars one night,
Looking at the moon, reflecting sun's light,
Enjoying the spiral of the galaxy white,
I simply question, "What is my might?"

The sunflowers and paddy growing on land,
The countless camels walking on sand,
The rivers and oceans as they meet,
The snow-clad mountains when I sight.
I ask myself, "What is my might?"

The "Khaap Panchayat" ordering rape and killing,
The corrupt minister unfazed by the sting,
The unemployed graduate turning dacoit,
The leader widening the communal divide,
The greedy beaurocrat no one can fight,
All taunt me, "What is my might?"

From numerous aged lying in despair,
To homeless and poor, crying in prayer,
In search of food, from here to where?
Can anyone answer their question right,
And tell me, "What is my might?"

The college youth, dancing on booze,
A child beggar on footpath, taking a snooze,
An unborn girl struggling for life,
Asking her mother, "What is my might?"

Sad and despair, as I sat on chair,
Came a light in the form of a prayer,
Stand for truth, and illiteracy shall you fight,
I tell you, "This is your might."

Do your duties, and uplift the poor,
Enlighten the youth, treat aged with care.
Give respect to all, and prejudices to none,
Peace, love and trust are the needs of everyone.

To a novice, struggling to cope,
Give a friendly smile, and a ray of hope.
To yourself and the numerous likes,
You can multiply happiness in lives.
God said smiling with his eyes bright,
"O my child, This is your might!!"


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  • 5 years ago

    by Jamparnell

    Wow, great poem.
    Definitely keep writing.
    five stars and adding you to my favorites.