The unknown

by Patrick   May 26, 2014

Illuminated within, dark forces are attracted, the unknown I face. Surrendering is not an option. The light I bear shall compass me, illuminating My path, a door is open. Death creeps up in my dreams, fear infiltrates my well being.  I turn to run , "no" triumph I must they need me " I Am" strength consumes me as I begin to turn back. The knowledge I reremieniss I walk. I see lines ahead of me, white lines I begin to travel . Fear again attacking my spirit nervousness , my hands are shaking, screaming! I am awaken from my dream. "We are here " as I'm laid back to sleep. Delusions again I can't run , face them so I speak"who are you" ? " My son shining bright" they respond. Manipulated images say different ,twisted are they when entering the mind. Death and hell become my state of mind . "Help me" I pray. I awaken. My spirit is heavy, thirst for truth, I maintain my quest moving forward. Echoing in the darkness my discoveries, cloaked they remain as they follow. Accompanied with confusion , cloudy with doubt reality is fading. The unknown I am facing. The pain I bear, constant reminder of death and terror ,I must continue. Insanity always a reality a possibility I won't return . Days go by , no sleep a familiar face appears , death has found me . Creeping through the mind slowly it enters. Faces everywhere , voices from the underworld I hear. I'm afraid! I'm confused I don't understand.  I begin to fade darkness consumes the mind , death has taken me . Suddenly I burst from within, awaken again as I merge with the darkness the unkown I have faced from death I am reborn a mystery I have become.


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