To My Daddy!!

by Isabella   Jun 15, 2014

This here is no poem,I've been working on it for days but no words no phrase can explain you as a father (my daddy) I love you dearly I just hope you know.right now we can't see each other or we aren't talking but I still love you because you always have been there for me. Not no one will take that from you,those Lonely night when my real dad was not around you never let me frown.a smile we would have for you would say you don't need him you got me and as long as I'm here I will always be here when you need me. A BIG HUG AND A KISS YOU RECEIVED!!! You are my daddy not just my dad because you earned it with my respect I love you daddy happy fathers day with many more to come. A BIG HUG AND A KISS SENT YOU I hope you feel it and you'll receive it. I love you!!!!


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  • 6 years ago

    by mercy

    One text one phone call is all he wants to just by this doesn't mean he knows yu care for him yur whole life he has been there for yu all the time just trying to protect yu
    Not ones fathers day did he have to go with out us telling him happy fathers day but now it's yu if yu really miss and care for him the way yu say than coming to see I'm or calling him is wat we all ask