Family is What I Miss

by Isabella   Apr 26, 2014

What I Miss is what once I thought I had.
F is for future that holds beneath us,
A is for acceptance we have for each other,
M is for many great things we once had,
I is for in a world we stand together so I thought,
l is for love that's all you need to be a happy family,
Y is for why was it none of this token place?
I thought I had family my family. what I had was
Y is for why was it more like this,
l is for losing what I thought I had,my family
I is for inner damage that really took place
M is for memories that should not have token place,
A is for after this what's going to happen thought,
F is for family now where was my family when I needed
Them the most. I thought I had a family my family the one I thought I had .
so what is it I really Miss?


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