Athiest Believer

by Luyolo Hempe   Sep 10, 2014

I'm an atheist believer.
I believe,
That people believe
That there is something to believe in.
I also believe
That people believe
That their beliefs
Are worth fighting for.
I know that you believe,
And that you like to believe,
And trust me,
I believe in you!
For all your beliefs,
In all my lack of belief,
For what it's worth anyway...
We believe in the same things.
The nothing and the everything
Are never an answer;
Just like your faith
Is never at question.
So believe!
Strong and clear.
I will not stop you,
But I'll disagree...
Because for me,
I've made peace
with my non-existing gods
and their non-existing rules.
I've built my spirit up
And cooled my soul down.
I've walked the walk
And talked the talk
I've learned enough
To find myself
And been through so much
With no God's help.
In the end, I guess,
I want to tell you:
Judge me for who I am,
Not for who you are.
Not for what you believe that I am
Or for what you believe
you need to be.
Because you and me...
We are both
Only just
True Believers!


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