Dedicated to Mom

by Ravi Madan   Sep 12, 2014

Come along, Come with me,
I'll show the hands that cares for me,
They raised me up, They hold my hands
Now its the time to live for them

Not yet found another heart,
No soothing anymore,
Want to have rebirth for the parents I owe.

The wounds I face in life,
Still feels the gentle hands.
Its like I'm not grown up,
I'm still in someone's hands

The life that I live,
I simply owe it to them.
Coz there's no gem on this earth ,
That would ever cost like them

Coz there's no gem on this earth,
That would ever cost like them.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    How true and how beautiful...mothers are gems, gifts to this earth. A sentimental write..a lovely dedication :)