Comments : Heroes and Ghosts

  • 7 years ago

    by Dancing Rivers

    What beautiful sentiments, you have a way of braiding your words together that creates the most incredible, awe inspiring imagery.magnificent :-)

  • 7 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    For me the title does so much for this poem, it truly dies pull the reader in and does not disappoint, I love dark poetry as well so it interests me and probably others as well.

    First: Autumn is a time where the earth gets chilly and is a prequel for winter. What a beautiful scene this holds, you are still recovering from last winter and now this one is coming so soon. I believe this is a metaphor though, there is definitely something hidden beneath these words. Since you are talking about ghosts it could be a death of some kind or a ghastly murder that will haunt you.

    Second: For a brief moment you felt alive (or happy). You have been asleep for such a long time that it's become a part of you. But since you have woken up you push yourself out from the grave and see the world for the first time in many years. Or it feels like it has been years, you are depressed and isolation is your only comfort.

    Third- You are addicted to the anguish you feel and all the writes you have written are dark and sad, because it was your way to cope from this that you feel now. You regret how you feel and you have been living this way for a long time.

    Ending- You just want to keep on sleep to deal with the pain you feel. You cannot go back in time so you must deal with this now. I can see this poem as two ways, you are the ghost and you have been sleeping for a lot of years, or the ghost is a metaphor of how you feel inside and want to isolate from everyone or even how you used to feel. Either way, excellent write hon. 5/5