For you.

by Ann   Dec 1, 2014

I may not be romantic.
I'm not into PDA.
You'll never find me confessing my love for you, in some public place.
I'm not to big on love songs.
Chocolate makes my stomach hurt.
Please save those cheesy pickup lines.
They're never gonna work.
Romantic comedies?
Please tell me its a joke.
You must have me mistaken for some sappy love struck bloke.
Those lovey dovey statuses and pictures just aren't me.
And sometimes my love for you might be a little hard to see.
Ik I hide my face every time you compliment me.
Or don't talk about my feelings every time that you upset me.
Ik I may not always do all the little things you wish.
I may not always want to cuddle or always want to kiss.
But I promise I do love you.
Even without it all.
And no matter what you need, all you have to do is call.
So I've decided to write this poem for you.
That's what gushy people do.
I didn't really want to do it
But I've done it just for you.
I will be quite honest.
It took me ten minutes time.
Hey, it may not be romantic but at least I made it rhyme.


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