Broken not bruised

by Poetically Vivid   Nov 17, 2015

Broken hearts, broken dreams, everything around me is broken or so it seems. Us together was life and a dream but you're gone so what does that mean. No amount of tears I shed every year will bring you back, truth be told I don't miss you I loved you matter of fact. I'm lost with no words to express my emotion. The more dirt thrown on me just manages to keep my mouth closed. Heart ripped out without a warning, you took it without asking so I know you're not sorry. See there's this sadness that I want to let out but when I try to cry no tears fall out. How do I supposed to find the love when I hate. I gave my all and now look at me you've moved on and I'm stuck in a cold place and unable to speak. Who wants to listen to me cry in the middle if the night? Who wants me to tell them how I've been let down? Nobody cares until the pain is with in them.


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