She's not a Pessimist She's a Realist

by Haleyy dOss   Nov 24, 2015

She was always judged, she'd question why she's considered a pessimist.
She hated life, she would raise up her head, cry, and clench her fist.

"Why can't I be seen?"
"Why can't I be heard?"

The others ignored her every word.

She always wished for attention, but her wishes never would come true.
She lowered her head, still weak, wondering what did she ever do?..

"I've always been kind, I've always been real.. Why can't I be optimistic? I wish I were strong, but weak is how I feel."

Disappearing from this world.
Her only feeling was:

One morning there was a quiet knock on her door, she was terrified of who it could be.
She didn't want to be hurt, beat, and torn once more.

The others would play games &
Bully her with words, and emotions making her feel so low.

"Why would they do this to me?"

"Do they care how I feel?"

To them it's just a game, but to her this is real.

"I'm a kind person, with goals and a good soul..
But, when they continue to pry, and kill me inside, I feel as if I'm trapped in a dark hole.."

"I'm stronger then this, with the strength to forgive, ill kill them with kindness, and continue to live"

Words are words, and they make her feel invisible.
And, she cries every night because she can't help but feel miserable.

"I won't be miserable anymore, I won't be bullied or tore, I won't be invisible at all, Ill be able to actually walk out my door...
I'll cure them of all their hatred inside, I'll change them, so they don't have to hide.."

She finally says out loud what was on her mind..

"There's the good and the bad, and I've dealt with the worst.
But, if anyone will forgive and help, I'd want to be the first."

Finally she said out loud what she's been wanting to say for awhile.

"I am optimistic, I've just always been told that I'm not because bully's tell you lies and they never get caught..
Well, I'd rather be me I'm a realist and I'm glad I was born this way..the real pessimists are the bullies that hurt people everyday"


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