by Jessie Colon   Dec 11, 2015

If it's one thing that I am
it's that I am grateful

on this holiday
I can thank God

be thankful for his mysterious ways
for he has blessed me
to see another life
a chance at true love

I get to wait for Mrs right
a year single

no more disappointment
no more being neglected
no more being mistreated

like is the new norm

I am a secure woman
content with my faith
I know he has me
nor is he done with me

a roof over my head
my goals in the making
but most importantly
surrounded by the people who help me

become a better me
so this is me saying grace
from to the lord
thank you Amen


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Lovely poem Jesse full of hope that we can all take something from. Well done and all the best,