by Jay Colon   Jun 23, 2021

Let’s normalize SPEAKING UP
Don’t hold in the lies
Don’t hold in the fear

Don’t hold it in to protect anyone
Even if they are family
Even if they love that person

But do not STAY SHUT

Normalize showing who rape us
The monsters with the same blood
In the same home
Someone so close

Normalize revealing the cloaks
Revealing the predators
That you may consider

Father uncle grandpa or brother
Mommy aunt grandma or sister

Not just the ones that commit the crime
The one that cover it up
You shouldn’t dress like a WHOR*

Don’t say anything
Who’s going to believe you
Well it already happened
I can’t do anything now

Or the one who turns a blind eye
That can’t apologize
Even after so many years

Let’s normalize breaking destructive behavior
Let’s normalize breaking faulty mindset
Let normalize breaking generational curses

Let normalize SPEAKING UP


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