A constant Affection

by Seronum   Jan 31, 2016

What words can I relay to you my dear, that could show you I'm forever here?
My heart it beats in chaotic impressions to the rhythm of your insatiable affection.
I can't fathom the limitless pit that is my soul which seems to seep through yet fill the darkest hole.
My collection of feelings could sprout wondrous emotions, a lifetime of happiness with my deepest devotion.
To you I could give the entire world up if it meant my heart with you.
Because no one has ever been able to put me in this place of peace and joy in the incredible way you do.
Never in my life has there been one quite like you, the one who could simply find their way in my presence and the depths of my soul show true.
You are my light and day, my star scattered sky such a beautiful array.
If ever there could be a time where we could just lie, and converse into the ether or get lost in each others eyes.
I feel my heart race in excitement when you come across my mind.
My dear Madeline, just know that you are a one of a kind.
The unique beauty that rests in my heart, never to escape or be torn apart.
Forgive me in my moments of sorrow, I wrap myself in your smile and hope for just one more tomorrow.
I may seem to sound crazy and mostly just a fool.
But knowing how much you mean to me, your worth is a priceless jewel. This poetic expression doesn't scratch the glass, of the indescribable emotion that forever seems to last. it's horrible I know to think I'd wait so long, and the possibility of us ever becoming could actually be wrong. But its out of my control and time seems to be so slow. I'll always love you Madeline, more than you'll ever know.


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