The Depressed Wishes

by Mohammad reza   Feb 13, 2016

- My God! Just you know that how difficult is to be and remaining to be human in this world

- What a pain suffer the one who is human and rich in feeling

- I curse on my ancient tolerance

- And down with all of the world's extreme whimsy

- Curse on sinister abstinent arms

- I cry with this non-count feeling of world's evils

- My heart is trembling for human loneliness

- No, I never complain

- Complaining for ages is enough

- I want to cry

- If I couldn't, I stop crying

- Dying in silence is better than complaining

- I have a world of famous tears for picking fate

- But I should once swallow my pride and say

- The mood of we and I will be better

- If you and I see the world divine and clear

- I will drown in my tears' riot sooner or later

- Yes, we lose a will power

- Alas, humanity's death occurred
- For swimming across the river, there's a need to courage and power

- Please behave people in a way that if we die, they shed tear for us and if we survive they approach us with eagerness

- The love is the attachment of my creation

- I tell with modesty that Iran is my prosperous land

- I write you from here

- You are fading in great authority and I am nothing

- Peace and love turn the pages of the breathe of we and I

- We and I learned here that reply each smile and frown with a maternal smile

- For all of us, "Science" is a precious heritage," courtesy" is a fine garb and" thought "is a plain mirror

- Love has a deep root in my homeland

- It's neither a snare nor a hunt

- I don't have any fear of this love

- Because love to human is a nice clear boldness

- We never seek any malevolence

- We'll never write to start any war

- For us love is lawful and war is prohibited

- Look for us in history and pages of philosophy

- Find the answers of your questions in Persepolis and Soltaniyeh

- I know that you don't know that Sio Se Pol Bridge and Veresk Bridge have many speeches of civilization for you

- Yes, here is my peaceful home

- Forget the bombs

- Cast the yellowed leaves of accusation from the tree of humanity

- Rest assured, here just the love knits the warp and woof of life

- Love is our greatest civilization

- Aleppo and Samarra and Mosul have painful speeches for you

- I bow to tears of Syrianand Iraqi children

- Come to go for a second to visit the dreams of Izadi girls of Sinjar

- I swear to the cross of Christ and rod of Moses that your eyes will be mournful for them

-Look at the exhausted Afghanistan

, the land of deep roots tears

- Its tears are dried because of the human loneliness

- The world's emotion walls collapse for them

- Look! They shout with the eyes, their hungry stomach not bring a basket for freedom

- I believe that they will be fine a day even without the others

- Do you know, just by self-devotion for the human, one can become everlasting?

- I'll take up on my soul the morning repentances of people in Mena

- The trample of lover autumn to the sober winter

- what is the heard unheards

- And the seen unseens of the world for?

- Do you believe?

- But I believe that we drink poison of cruelty from the hive of the world

- Let me invite "whish"

- The worth of human equals to the words that remain unsay

- I should shed tear lonely in a vague darkness for waiver of humanity


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