Comments : Am I Broken?

  • 5 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    The refrain "am I broken" not only haunted the speakers mind but was nicely reflected throughout the poem. It was a poignant piece of self reflection and conflict. Of someone suffering one or more tragic event that has left them feeling broken in some way.

    It seems they have what everyone seeks someone around them who clearly loves them who is being supportive picking up the pieces of the speakers heart and telling them they are beautiful.

    Yet temptingly raises so many questions in the readers mind. Is the speaker someone who has a terminal illness or has had an accident or had such bad luck in love. What is it that makes her feel broken and somehow needs to feel beautiful?

    Then the wonderful reinforcement that the person with her so clearly loves her deeply.

    What ever has happened in the past to her? She so clearly now has someone who really
    loves her in her life who wants to take care of her.
    I loved the subtle romantic demonstration

    "without a touch he wipes them away"

    Which implies without actually saying that they are wiped away by his lips. That line sent a shudder of delight through my mind at the strong message of romance ribboning through the sadness of the heroines turmoil

    All great romantic poems seem to have a balance of romance and tragedy and the tragedy here is that the heroine should be happy having found love but a darkness pulls at her making her question her own validity.

    "The memories we shared before are beginning to fade" Reveals a little more of the puzzle yet raises so many more interesting questions that kept me captivated.

    They have a history and no matter what has happened he still loves her and is there for her. There is a hint that at one time they created lovely memories together so perhaps the tragedy happened since and has overshadowed what went on before.

    Reinforces the stark contrast between love and support and the speakers broken heart.

    I started to rethink my original thoughts and wonder if perhaps the loss of a child but then the repeated more urgent refrain of Am I broken kicks in and I feel pulled in the direction of its more about how strongly the speaker feels inside that its personal something inherent to herself that fills her with such anguish. Wanting to be left alone yet in that moment the words I love you from her lover setting her free yet still echoing in the back ground the question am I broken followed by a new ingredient
    or confused?

    That very clever little twist at the end suddenly exploded with a bang. Confused? Immediately made me question again.
    This time I felt that the question of being
    broken could be simply that she was confused over why she didn't love anymore the someone she once did and who so clearly loved her when she felt she should

    Maybe the tragedy is that her lover betrayed her and that's what the speaker feels broke them.

    I could go on and on. Each time I read this poem I see so much depth and ways of interpreting it.

    I really enjoyed reading your poem it has such depth and can be interpreted ins so many different ways that I think it will appeal to a wide audience. Milly x

    • 5 years ago

      by darknessandshadows

      Thank you... And this poem consists of everyvidea you saw run through your mind, and the best thing about my writing is its all from my heart and soul... It depends on the person reading it but I really appreciate your opinion of my poem! This is one of my best i've ever written and just to know someone can feel the emotion and the tears and live I put in to this just by reading my words. When I wrote this I was struggling to the point of giving up being my only option but I had a reason to keep going... My beautiful baby girl! I felt like I was losing the love of my life! But there was the support even without being physically close that helpede make it! And stay strong enough to live my life and I started to live carefree but I wasn't sure if I was broken or if the love being given to me was still fixing the damage already done!