Atro Mors

by DirgeVenustas   Aug 2, 2016

Our earthly ties, for now we sever.
A read thread, to each other were tethered.
In oceanic eyes, together were better.
Love lay in bed, in all the spaces the lines blurred.
Can I have one more dance, to sweep you off your feet.
I'll cover you in romance, where joy and sorrow meet.
No secrets left to keep, resowing what we reap.
I'll hold your hand for the leap, no more evil will seep, or lessen or cheap, no wound is too deep, we were only asleep.

We wake up and bloom.

In the arms of Erebus,
There is just the two of us

Tell me what the rain knows, as it travels to the earth.
Crashing on the flower that grows, from the gardens of loves rebirth.

You are war and I am peace. Once broken parts now fixed in one piece.
You are fire and I am air. Together we burn without a care.
Thanatos, take me to the place, where I can see her face.
Her broken wings tied in lace, from when she fell from grace.

Your so down to earth, I'm in outer space.
For what my wordsworth, I know I found my place.
Buried next to you, inside your pools of blue.
Two lovers always true.
Together forever.
For always and ever.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Brenda

    What a beautiful write! So much love expressed in such lovely verse. Well done-