Quid me nutrit me destruit

by Victor   Sep 23, 2016

In a realm unable to fathom subconsciousness
In the solidified forms of two spirits diverging from confinement

A calming crescendo of dilapidated dimensions sanctions me onward
The silent silhouette adamant in pursuit

Synergizing energies, amorous advances
Advancing steadfast, fervent with conviction
Carried out in subtle subterfuge

A profound exchange of magnetic muses converging in perfect polarity

An unprecedented precipice
Scaling toward the summit of a fledgling foundation
She tore me apart
Saturated with masochistic mire, evident is my effervescence
Porcelain skinned princess
Delving deeper within a shattered psyche
Spawning a space for a thousand galaxies
Commandeering a cursed vessel

Destroy me slowly
Indict me for my indiscretion
Spiraling swiftly, a nightmarish descent into pit of pulchritudinous pain

Deplorable addiction to the tender turbulence
In awe of her alluring anatomy, loving licentiously unholy
Hellbound harlot, with superlative capacity to captivate
Serpents fangs make hearth in my heart
Caught in the clutches

Forever clinging to my dear detachment
Please don't let go


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