These Days

by Mandy Klein   Oct 5, 2016


When these days Are meaningless to me No cares for tomorrow Nothing matters right now Not even this life, you have Given up on Such misery brings you Your only company As lonliness pushes Everyone else away What is the point In trying to change What has become of you You have cried And you have screamed For someone to come Savew your aching soul now But I guess no one heard Or else no one cared To try and help someone Who's already damaged Like me, who's to far gone My days are empty now No cares for tomorrow In this needless life You've given up on living Nothing matters once it's all gone Meaningless arguments Of why to change yuorself Has shoved everyone else away Now no one loves you After you choose not to Listen to their prayers Instead you hide away from them My aching soul Has torn me apart All the peices of me That once filled my heart Have broken completly How can someone let So much pain take over them From crying eyes Falling constant tears You ask anyone, someone To come and save you Before's there's nothing left And the damage is to badly done Is their anyone who can save you now


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